Interview with Robby Rowland

New Pirate minor leaguer Robby Rowland talks about his recent trade in this interview at MLB Reports. Sounds like an okay kid.
Thanks to Rumbunter’s @cocktailsfor2 for the link.

Moskos sent to AAA

Moments ago:

Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates‏ (@Pirates)

LHP Daniel Moskos has been optioned to Triple-A Indianapolis.

One more piece falls into place. Two decisions left to make: The last man in the bullpen and which of Josh Harrison, Yamaico Navarro and Matt Hague gets sent down.

Fearless Predictions for 2012

Once again, its time to lay it all out on the line and predict exactly how the 2012 will unfold. Last year I correctly predicted the Pirates would finish 72-90 and in 4th place. (Ignore all the other predictions.) This year, I am guaranteed* to be 100% on all teams. Read on to see the future…

Rays 98 64 Braves 92 70
Yankees 92 70 Marlins 90 72
Red Sox 86 76 Phillies 87 75
Blue Jays 83 79 Nationals 81 81
Orioles 69 93 Mets 62 100
Tigers 96 66 Reds 93 69
Royals 84 78 Cardinals 90 72
Indians 79 83 Pirates 85 77
White Sox 72 90 Brewers 82 80
Twins 67 95 Cubs 67 95
Astros 63 99
Rangers 93 69 Diamondbacks 89 73
Angels 92 70 Rockies 86 76
Athletics 67 95 Giants 83 79
Mariners 64 98 Padres 72 90
Dodgers 66 96
MVP Evan Longoria MVP Jay Bruce
CY David Price CY Mat Latos
RoY Matt Moore RoY Bryce Harper
Wild Card Angels over Yankees Wild Card Cardinals over Marlins
ALDS Angels over Tigers NLDS Reds over Cardinals
Rays over Rangers Diamondbacks over Braves
ALCS Rays over Angels NLCS Reds over Diamondbacks
World Series:
Rays over Reds

*not guaranteed


Marlins’ Bizarro Uniforms

So I’m watching the Yankees/Marlins game tonight and Miami is wearing their new/alternate uniforms: black top, orange hat.

Pretty awful combo there. But I’m suddenly struck with an inspiration. What would that look like if it were reversed like a photo-negative?

If that looks familiar to you, it should. We jump in the wayback machine to 1993, the Marlins’ inaugural season:

That’s right. The Marlins new uniforms are the photo-opposites of the ones they wore when they came into existence. You couldn’t do a more perfect 180-degree switch without adding in the pinstripes. I hope some guy in marketing got a nice, fat raise for clicking a button in MS Paint.

Chase d’Arnaud makes “The Onion”

The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, has a feature article today that is completely not about Chase d’Arnaud fielding a routine ground ball. The author quotes the player’s manager, who is not Clint Hurdle and complements the quality of the field, which is not McKechnie. Go read it, quickly now.

Updated Trade Tree – Jack Wilson

Back in December Arizona selected Brett Lorin from the Pirates in the Rule 5 draft. Lorin wasn’t going to make the team, so on Saturday the Pirates worked out a deal with the Diamondbacks, sending them the rights to Brett Lorin in exchange for minor leaguer Robby Rowland. This gives me reason to revisit a trade tree for the first time since I started doing them. So, without further ado, here is your updated Jack Wilson Trade Tree.

Here’s the original Jack Wilson Trade Tree, if you’re interested in that.


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