Pirates Trade Deadline Moves – Ramirez, Soria, Blanton, Happ, Morse

The Pirates traded for five players over the last 18 days. Aramis Ramirez and Joakim Soria and the big pieces, while Joe Blanton, J.A. Happ and Michael Morse are depth moves.

2015 Pirates trade deadline

Jason Bay Trade Tree

Reyes/Tulowitski Trade Tree

Blue Jays turned eight draft picks, six amateur signings and one free agent into Troy Tulowitski, LaTroy Hawkins, R.A. Dickey, Jose Thole, Mike Nikeas and Mark Buehrle.

Jose Reyes Blue Jays

David Price Trade Tree

Tigers have turned Matt Joyce, Curtis Granderson, Drew Smyly and Willy Adames into Daniel Norris, Jairo Labourt, Matt Boyd and Christin Stewart. With a lot of Max Scherzer and Austin Jackson in the middle.

Austin Jackson Tigers

Hello Again

Hello again. Some of you may have found this blog thanks to Ben Lindbergh‘s great Transaction Tree piece on Grantland for which I did the graphics. After today’s NYY/DET/ARI three way deal the Tigers’ tree needs an update. (click to embiggen)

Doug Fister Tigers

As you can see, I’ve filled out the rest of this tree compared to the ones in the Grantland piece to show where all the players’ branches came from and ended.

For fun, here’s the Diamondbacks version, which is more about Trevor Bauer and Trevor Cahill.

Trevor Bauer Diamondbacks

And just to be complete, here’s the New York angle.

Didi Gregorious Yankees

The Yankees are always so boring.

Updating the Recent Trade Trees

In the last few weeks the Pirates have traded Bryan Morris to the Marlins and announced the player to be named in the Ike Davis deal. Let’s look at how the new information alters the trade trees for those players.

Morris was known as the last player left from the Jason Bay trade. That honor now falls to recent draft pick Connor Joe.

Jason Bay Trade Tree

The speculation at the time of the Ike Davis trade was that the PTBNL was a 2013 draft pick, and by rule could not be traded until one year after the draft. This turned out to be true when last year’s second round pick Blake Taylor was sent to the Mets on June 15.

Ike Davis Trade Tree

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