Pics from Thursday

As promised, here are the first set of pictures from Thursday’s Indians game. Rumors are flying now that Brad Lincoln will be called up to start on Wednesday. If so then these are from what should be his final minor league start.

This is the first AB of the game. It was about two pitches later, while trying to upload this photo, that Tabata hit the foul to me and my attempt at a one handed catch resulted in injury.

Tabata's first AB

The ball that caused the trouble.

About 30 minutes later, here’s Tabata up again. I always like being able to catch the ball in flight. Jose would triple here.

Ball in flight

Finally, here’s Pedro Alvarez. He would triple in this AB too.

Who says he can't hit lefties?

All of my other pics, and a video of Lincoln are on the other camera. I’ll try to get hose up this week sometime.


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  1. […] “Dislocation. Surgery. (Out) 8-12 weeks.” Having recently broken this same finger myself I can empathize greatly with Gorkys and hope he fully recovers. Gorkys’ injury is clearly […]

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