Why wait on Hurdle?

What’s so special about Clint Hurdle? If he’s so much better than any other candidate for the manager’s job then hire him. Pay him to not do any other interviews. It would be a small investment for a potential large return.

But if he’s no greater than any other interviewee then why drag your heels? Hire Jeff Banister and be done with it. Better that than waiting on Hurdle to turn the team down. It would be pretty obvious (if it isn’t already) that Jeff is the back up choice.

Better yet, go find Señor Hurdle-o: the non-union, Mexican equivalent of Clint Hurdle. Just do something. I see no point in waiting.

One Response

  1. I don’t think that there is anything special about him at all. My pet theory is that they have wanted Bannister all along but didn’t want to hire him as quickly as they hired Russell, so they have this long drawn out process.

    It’s either that or the Nuttings realized that they can save more money by not hiring a manager for this season :).

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