Giving Thanks/3 Outs in an Inning

Like many of you, I have a lot to be thankful for. One of the things I’m blessed by are the many connections I’ve made on Twitter and with the writers of various blogs. In the spirit of that; here’s an article I helped research written by my friend Larry at Larry was instrumental in encouraging me to start writing on my own. A quick excerpt:

“Yesterday afternoon, a Twitter friend of mine – @TheRealDavidK – asked this question:

Wondering if any batter has ever made all 3 outs in an inning. Seems unlikely to even get 3 PA. Anyone? @wezen_ball? @robneyer?

I didn’t know the answer and I was at work (though it was lunchtime), so I wasn’t able to run a query on my Retrosheet database. It seemed like a question that was probably researched before, but a quick Google search didn’t turn anything up for me. And, like David said, it seemed unlikely that anyone would even have three plate appearances in an inning.”

So thanks to Larry, his Terrific Girlfriend, Will Carroll, Steve Mizer, Ben Wright and all of the other internet friends I’ve been able to meet in person over the last year. But more than anything else, thanks to Marianne; who recently upgraded from Wonder Girlfriend to Fiance. She’s the best partner I could ever have.

Please take the time to let those around you know what an influence they’ve had on your life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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