Thursday Trade Tree – Bobby Bonilla

Brick gloved thirdbaseman, All-Star slugger, still being paid by the Mets. I present Bobby Bonilla.

Semi-unique occurrence of a player being reacquired after being lost in the rule 5 draft. Nothing wrong with trading a useful DeLeon for him except that they already had him to start with. I have another player with a similar history that I may use next week.

I spent Father’s Day with my Dad and he gave me a great suggestion for a trade to chart. I use ‘great’ in the sense of ‘being very large.’ This thing has filled two pages already and still has several branches I haven’t explored. I’ll post it whenever I can get it all fleshed out and stitched back together. But man, is it a doozy.

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  1. […] Pittsburgh wasn’t able to enjoy the fulfillment of Bautista’s talent like they did with Bobby Bonilla. Talk at the time had the Pirates wanting David Wright instead of Wigginton which would have been a […]

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