• 2015 NL Central

    Tm W L W-L% GB Strk
    STL 80 45 .640 --- W 3
    PIT 75 49 .605 4.5 L 1
    CHC 73 51 .589 6.5 W 6
    MIL 53 73 .421 27.5 L 3
    CIN 52 72 .419 27.5 L 1

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    Generated 8/3/2015.

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Thursday Trade Tree – The Whole Team

Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects wrote a great article last week (Part 1 & Part 2) about how the Pirates have fared in trades over the recent years, breaking each one down by reaction then, reaction now and final verdict. Unfortunately, someone in the comments took this as a chance to dump on Neal Huntington, saying he “was trading littlefield assets for players so you really can’t give him full credit.” I say hogwash. Anyone who takes a GM job starts with nothing else except for someone else’s players. How many players on the current team did Huntington acquire? How many are Littlefield’s? Is there anyone from even before that? To find out I made my largest graphic to date, including all players who have played for the team this season and any ancillary minor leaguers. I think its fairly explanatory but I’m curious what your take is.  (As always, click to embiggen)

OK, lots to take in there. A quick breakdown:

There are 51 players at the bottom of the chart who are currently in the organization.
Signed as free agents: Neal Huntington 9, Dave Littlefield 0, Cam Bonifay, 0, predecessors, 0.
Draft picks: Neal Huntington 2, Dave Littlefield 9, Cam Bonifay, 2, predecessors, 0.
Rule 5 picks: Neal Huntington 2, Dave Littlefield 0, Cam Bonifay, 0, predecessors, 0.
Selected off waivers: Neal Huntington 5, Dave Littlefield 0, Cam Bonifay, 0, predecessors, 0.
Acquired in trades by: Neal Huntington 25, Dave Littlefield 0, Cam Bonifay, 0, predecessors, 0.

There is some cross over in the numbers that causes players to be double counted at times. The bottom line is that this is now Neal Huntington’s team and organization. He has acquired 40 of the 51 players listed, for a winning team that is one game out of first place at the All-Star break. Up to this point, I would label him as a success.


2 Responses

  1. David ~ I agree with your assessment, and thanx for your graph-geekin’ ability to turn any set of circumstances into a cogent analysis; such as the entry point of the 51 player composition of the PBC.

  2. […] honor of the best day of the year, I updated last year’s Whole Team Trade Tree to show how this current squad was built. (Click to embiggen.) Now play […]

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