Searage Shaves Standings

Over to the right, you’ll notice a new feature here on 6-4-3 Putout: The Searage Shaves Standings. Before the season starter James McDonald made a bet with pitching coach Ray Searage. If five Pirates’ starters win ten games each, Ray has to shave his mustache and eyebrows. There are 44 games left so each starter should get about eight more starts. Kevin Correia has already done his part. Jeff Karstens and Charlie Morton should be able to reach the goal fairly easily too. It will be tougher for McDonald and Paul Maholm but the real key here is that the offense needs to score more.

Its unknown what would happen to the bet if another starter like Ross Ohlendorf or Brad Lincoln gets put in the rotation. Both have made starts for the Bucs this year.

Searage has a mighty fine soup strainer, but here’s hoping it bites the dust. He can always grow a new one.

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Monday morning UPDATE: If the offense keeps up their current pace I’ll never have to update this for the rest of the season. Sheesh.


End of year update: Injuries and lack of scoring wrapped this one up early. Here are the final standings.


Thursday Trade Tree – Ralph Kiner, Harvey Haddix, Don Hoak, Smokey Burgess, Preacher Roe, Al Lopez, Gene Mauch

Note: Sorry for the delay. I hope you’ll find it to be worth it. 

A tree spanning 38 years: 1937-1975. Seventy-five players involved including several Hall of Famers. Two guys named “Dixie.” This is exactly the kind of thing I hoped to find when I started making these charts. As they say, be careful what you wish for. (click to embiggen)

I started with the Hoak/Haddix/Burgess trade and was stunned how this one blew up.

A few notes – records of minor league transactions get pretty spotty the further you go into the past. (Tom Frondorf gave me a headache right when I thought I was done.) I did my best to find out where these players came from but sometimes the information just wasn’t there. I also had to cross lines a few times (don’t cross the streams!) which is something I had steadfastly avoided on past trees. Here though I found it to be completely unavoidable.

Other than that, enjoy names from the past, like Whammy Douglas, Johnny Wyrostek and Dick Manville.

The Bucs are back and so am I

Its been a busy two weeks for me. Four late night games, coupled with moving, wedding planning and an out of town trip leave little time for blogging. Also, with the team losing ten in a row who want to read about the Pirates, let alone write about them?

But that’s in the past. I cleared 400+ unread Pirates articles from my RSS feed yesterday and got to watch most of the game. The Bucs got a solid win, and everyone can relax a bit and reboot. Look for the promised huge trade tree on Thursday and keep cheering for those Buccos.

See you Saturday

Couldn’t finish up the trade tree today, but I’ve got a good excuse. I’m currently at the airport, headed to Pittsburgh. If you’re going to be at Saturday’s game, find me and say hi. I’ll be the guy on top of the Clemente wall drinking a beer.

If the results are anything like last week’s games in Atlanta you won’t want to miss it.


Computer issues have delayed today’s Trade Tree. I’ll get it posted as soon as things are resolved.