Thursday Trade Tree – Honus Wagner

The Pirates wouldn’t be The Pirates without this trade. (click to embiggen)

The link above covers the players in great detail, but anytime you can trade four players to get back twelve players including three Hall Famers and the best pitcher in franchise history, and get the original four players returned to your team before the start of the next season, you do it.

A few notes on the more notable players:

Honus Wagner – HoF, best shortstop in major league history by just about any measure.

Fred Clarke – HoF, star left fielder, elected to the Hall as a player but could have made it as a manager as well.

Rube Waddell – HoF, only played one season for the Pirates but lead the league in ERA, ERA+ and WHIP.

Jack Chesbro – HoF, sent to Louisville in the deal, returned when that franchise folded. More known for his achievements with the Yankees.

Deacon Phillippe – Five time 20 game winner, five times lead the league in fewest BB/9 IP.

Tacks Latimer – 86 AB in five years as a pro. Every team should have a backup catcher named “Tacks.”

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