Thursday Trade Tree – Mike Fetters

Ed. Note: Thursday Trade Tree? On a Friday? Just trust me that I wrote it last night.

With a turn of the head so sharp it gives you whiplash, here comes Mike Fetters.

A couple of memorable Pirates in this tree, for positive and negative. Fetters’ trademark headsnap to the plate was always fun to watch even of the results weren’t always pretty (8 saves, 1.50 WHIP & 0.4 WAR over 48 innings.)

Then there’s Randall Simon, who is infamous for the Sausage incident. In July of 2003, on his way to hitting a robust .274/.305/.417 (85 OPS+), Simon inexplicably took a swing at the Italian Sausage during a game in Milwaukee. Luckily the runner inside the costume was unharmed and Simon got off with a $432 fine. The Bucs were lucky to trade him a month later for Ray Sadler. Leave it to Dave Littlefield though. He liked what he had seen enough to bring Simon back the next season. After 194 at bats of .194/.264/.280 (42 OPS+) Randall was finally released.


2 Responses

  1. $432 for hitting a person in a sausage costume…what an oddly specific fine!

  2. Probably just something to cover the cost of a trip to the doctor and any incidental damage to the costume.

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