Marlins’ Bizarro Uniforms

So I’m watching the Yankees/Marlins game tonight and Miami is wearing their new/alternate uniforms: black top, orange hat.

Pretty awful combo there. But I’m suddenly struck with an inspiration. What would that look like if it were reversed like a photo-negative?

If that looks familiar to you, it should. We jump in the wayback machine to 1993, the Marlins’ inaugural season:

That’s right. The Marlins new uniforms are the photo-opposites of the ones they wore when they came into existence. You couldn’t do a more perfect 180-degree switch without adding in the pinstripes. I hope some guy in marketing got a nice, fat raise for clicking a button in MS Paint.


4 Responses

  1. […] big tip of the cap to David Kalieda of 6-4-3 Putout for making this discovery. He dubbed these the “Marlins Bizzaro […]

  2. […] Pirates head down to Miami for a quick two game set against the newly orange-clad Marlins. The Fish have an 85 OPS+ and 117 ERA+ which means that the pitchers have been doing more […]

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