Contest: Giving Away Two Tickets to Pirates Social Media Night

6-4-3 Putout is proud to be teaming up with the Pittsburgh Pirates to give away two tickets to their first Social Media Night of the season. The game is two weeks from today, Friday, May 25 vs the Cubs. Yes, that is a free shirt giveaway night. You can also go to a pre-game reception and recieve an “@Pirates” t-shirt. For more information on “Social Media Night” visit

So how do you win? A simple prediction contest. Just guess how many runs the Pirates score in this weekend’s series versus Houston. One entry per person. All entries must be received by the end of the first inning tonight. If there’s a tie I’ll pick randomly from all winning entries. Just for point of reference the Pirates are scoring 2.87 runs/game this season and 3.44 R/G in May. You can enter the contest in the comments below, through email or via twitter (either @RDavidK or @643Putout).  Be sure to include the best way to reach you if you win.

I’ll announce the winner Monday morning. If you send me a pic of yourself from the game I’ll include it in the blog. Good luck to all!

Update 7:22pm: The first inning is complete and entries are now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Sunday update: To everyone who entered my prediction contest: If today’s game is rained out the contest will be extended through the next game played. Everyone’s guess was based on three games being played so it only seems fair.


11 Responses

  1. Only one entry per entrant!? That’s nuts! You know it takes the average person an average of three full reads to fully absorb and thereby distinguish between a “game” and a “series” when the word “series” is clearly written! I demand a re-entry for myself or some other form of justice!

    • Correct interpretation of the rules is the sole responsibility of the contestant. All rulings of the executive committee in charge are final. Plus, if we could go I wouldn’t be having the contest, honey.

  2. […] forget to enter the ticket giveaway contest before the end of the first inning tonight! Share […]

  3. The Bucs will score 15 runs this weekend

  4. 14 Runs this weekend.

  5. 16 runs!

  6. 13 runs

    • Lynn, thank you for your entry but you missed the deadline. The Pirates will probably have another Social Media Night later in the year so I’ll likely have more tickets to give away then.

  7. I hate to say it, but my prediction of 9 is probably too high.

  8. […] one’s out of the prediction contest yet though. The Pirates highest scoring games this year have been 9, 7 and 6 runs, plus 5 runs five […]

  9. […] guessed the correct number of runs the Pirates scored against the Astros this weekend. Matt wins the prediction contest and will be going to see the Pirates take on the Cubs on Social Media […]

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