July Recap

Editor’s Note: I went to look for this post when I wanted to start my August Recap and realized I not only never posted it; I never finished it. Here it is in its rough form, just to get the numbers out there.

The Pirates went 17-9 in July to bring their overall record to 59-44. At one point they were a season best 16 games over .500. They had winning streaks of 4, 5 and 4 games and never lost more than two in a row.

How do you follow up a 17-10 June? With a 17-9 July, of course.

Other Notes:
The Pirates won six series, including two sweeps, and lost two series. I include the just completed Chicago series in these numbers since the majority of the games occurred in July. All numbers below are just for games actually played in July.

Record vs
NL East: 3-0, 12 RS, 4 RA (4.00 RS/G, 1.33 RA/G)
NL Central: 10-7, 78 RS, 79 RA (4.59 RS/G, 4.65 RA/G)
NL West: 4-2, 40 RS, 22 RA (6.67 RS/G, 3.57 RA/G)

Home: 10-3, 64 RS, 35 RA (4.92 RS/G, 2.69 RA/G)
Away: 7-6, 66 RS, 70 RA (5.08 RS/G, 5.38 RA/G)

1 Run games: 5-3
2 Run games: 5-1
3 Run games: 2-2
4 Run games: 2-2
5 Run games: 1-0
9 Run games: 1-0
10 Run games: 0-1
11 Run games: 1-0

Summary: Another excellent month.


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