August Recap

An 11-17 August has many remembering last year’s swoon. The Bucs never won more than two games in a row, and had losing streaks of 3, 3 and 4 games. The offense was pretty average, scoring 4.32 runs per game. The pitchers had their worst month by far, allowing 4.82 runs per game.

Really, the worst part was the 10 games against San Diego and Los Angeles. In those games the Pirates allowed 6.40 runs per, which makes it really hard to win. When you add in the split with Arizona in the previous series it gave the Bucs their first losing homestand of the season.

Other Notes:
The Pirates only won two series, both against the Cardinals. They lost five series and tied one.

Record vs
NL Central: 7-7, 59 RS, 49 RA (4.21 RS/G, 4.50 RA/G)
NL West: 4-10, 62 RS, 86 RA (4.43 RS/G, 6.14 RA/G)

Home: 7-10, 80 RS, 89 RA (4.71 RS/G, 5.24 RA/G)
Away: 4-7, 41 RS, 46 RA (3.73 RS/G, 4.18 RA/G)

1 Run games: 2-6
2 Run games: 0-3
3 Run games: 1-2
4 Run games: 5-0
5 Run games: 1-1
6 Run games: 1-3
7 Run games: 0-1
9 Run games: 1-0
11 Run games: 0-1

Summary: A horribly disappointing month saw the Bucs drop out of the division race. They do remain squarely in the race for one of the Wild Card spots. Here’s to hoping they pick up the pace.


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