Cautious Optimism on Pedro

Baseball Nation’s Grant Brisbee has a good article on Pedro Alvarez and his current hot streak. Here’s the payoff:

The good news — the best news in almost a year — is that finally, finally, finally we can assign too much meaning to Alvarez’s performance in a positive way. That’s a year of looking for a sign, any sign, that would suggest an improvement. Now we have it. And we can read too much into it. It might not be the prudent thing, but it sure feels good.

That’s really the key; Pedro has looked so bad for so long that we, as Pirate fans, are all too eager to say he’s figured it out. Heck, he hit a homer off of a LEFTY yesterday, only his fourth in 182 career plate appearances against left handed pitchers. I say get excited. Enjoy it. Maybe it won’t last – he certainly won’t stay this hot – but he IS doing it right now. And like the run to first place last year, Pirates fans have to enjoy the good times while they last.