Thursday Trade Tree – Ralph Kiner, Harvey Haddix, Don Hoak, Smokey Burgess, Preacher Roe, Al Lopez, Gene Mauch

Note: Sorry for the delay. I hope you’ll find it to be worth it. 

A tree spanning 38 years: 1937-1975. Seventy-five players involved including several Hall of Famers. Two guys named “Dixie.” This is exactly the kind of thing I hoped to find when I started making these charts. As they say, be careful what you wish for. (click to embiggen)

I started with the Hoak/Haddix/Burgess trade and was stunned how this one blew up.

A few notes – records of minor league transactions get pretty spotty the further you go into the past. (Tom Frondorf gave me a headache right when I thought I was done.) I did my best to find out where these players came from but sometimes the information just wasn’t there. I also had to cross lines a few times (don’t cross the streams!) which is something I had steadfastly avoided on past trees. Here though I found it to be completely unavoidable.

Other than that, enjoy names from the past, like Whammy Douglas, Johnny Wyrostek and Dick Manville.


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