Thursday Trade Tree – Bill Madlock

In honor of the Pirates’ first time in 2nd place in who knows how long, a trade tree that spans from their last World Series winning team to their last division winning team. Two-time Pirates All-Star and batting champion, Bill Madlock. (click to embiggen)

Mad Dog’s rate stats during his seven seasons with the Pirates (.297/.357/.428) reminds me of Freddy Sanchez (.301/.338/.424 in six seasons).

Cecil Espy makes it three weeks in a row that that I’ve made a tree that had the Pirates reacquiring a player that had lost in the rule 5 draft. Maybe its not as rare as I thought.

Al Holland was also featured in the Milt May Trade Tree. This is an earlier stint with the Pirates that I hadn’t noticed before.


Trimming the trees

I’ve gone back and edited the Jason Bay and Freddy Sanchez trade tree posts, adding color and adjusting the format to match later posts.

Also, many thanks to The Common Man of The Platoon Advantage, who told me where to easily get draft pick compensation information for free agents that leave the organization. With that, I added an appendix to the Doug Drabek branch of the Milt May post.

All transaction information I use comes from Check back on Thursday for a new trade tree!

Trade Tree Thursday – Milt May

I’m going to try to make this a regular feature here so it seems like a good time to lay out a basic explanation of the charts. First, a key:

Each chart is built around the perspective of a single player, for a specific franchise. The last chart was Freddy Sanchez as seen from the Pittsburgh Pirates’ point of view. If you looked at Freddy from the San Fransisco Giants POV, its much simpler:

The intent is also that each player can only appear in one chart per stint with a franchise. Freddy Sanchez’s Pirates chart is also Mike Gonzalez‘s chart, and Adam LaRoche‘s chart, etc.

Today’s Trade Tree subject was suggested by Jay on the Pirates email list. Milt May was drafted in 1968 and spent his career as a backup catcher. His tree is mostly linear – Reuss to Rhoden to Drabek – but check out the branch off of Pat Clements (click to embiggen):

Some key pieces of the lumber company are on the right side of the tree. Also, I for one never knew that John Tudor and Brian Harper were ever Bucs.

Who has an idea for next week’s chart?

UPDATE 5/17: Thanks to The Common Man for telling me how to find the draft pick compensation for free agents. With that new information, here’s an addendum to the above chart that continues off of Doug Drabek.

Freddy Sanchez Trade Chart

Last week’s Jason Bay trade chart was so popular I decided to make another one. Here’s the breakdown of the Freddy Sanchez trade. Click to embiggen:

Not nearly as productive as the last chart. The Pirates did well to get Freddy Sanchez and cash for what ended up being Scott Sauerbeck and Jeff Suppan, but all they have to show for it now are three two questionable prospects.

I enjoy making these charts. Any requests for another one?

UPDATE 4/18: Curtis Lyons points out that Argenis Diaz is currently in AAA for Detroit. That’s what I get for going from memory on that one. Thanks, Curtis!

UPDATE 5/17: I updated the chart to correct the Argenis Diaz mistake and to match the formatting of the later charts.