Same Story, Different Day

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The Pirates had strong starting pitching but failed in numerous opportunities to score some runs and lost the game late. Lather, rinse, repeat. Try to do better tonight.

I will add this before I move on: Pedro Alvarez looked good last night. He was patient and working the zone. Totally different from when I saw him this spring.

Elsewhere: Josh Bell, the Pirates’ second round draft choice last July, “tweaked his knee” earlier in the week and had meniscus surgury yesterday. He is expected to return later this season.

Spring Training 2012: Saturday 3/24 Pirate City Recap

Ed. note: Travel delays and prior commitments kept me from getting this posted sooner.

Back to Pirate City again this morning. Minor league coaches differ a lot in their approach. Some will try to be a friend while some are drill sergeants. Class A West Virginia manager Rick Sofield falls into the latter category. On Friday I saw him absolutely tearing into a group of thirdbasemen for not showing enough effort. Today, he was similarly ripping a group of pitchers during a drill where multiple base runners are moving but censored himself because there was an audience this time. Very entertaining to watch in either case.

Lots of meeting on the field in minor league camp, as the group gets instructions for the next drill.

Moments later they were ready to go.

Meanwhile, catchers practice rundowns on another field.

2012 2nd round pick Josh Bell runs the bases.

With that, it was time to say good bye to Pirate City and head over to McKechnie and the Astros.

Big Night: Pirates win game, win draft.

Great win last night for the Bucs. Ryan Doumit was 4-4 including a three run bomb. Jose Veras came into a tough spot and froze Albert Pujols looking with the game on the line. James McDonald got the win (number 8 on the year) but I won’t be able to update the Searage Shaves Standings for a few days. Hopefully there will be a few others to add by then too.

The excitement didn’t end there as the Pirates signed the #1 pick in the draft Gerrit Cole but also signed their #2 pick Josh Bell. Cole’s signing was expected but Bell was a first round talent who fell because it was believed he would follow through on his commitment to the University of Texas. Superb job by Neal Huntington to get both guys in the fold.