Thursday Trade Tree – Manny Sanguillen

Today’s tree was suggested by the founder of the Pirates email listserv, Arik Florimonte. Three time All Star, two time World Champion, purveyor of fine barbecue and everyone’s favorite free swinging catcher: Manny Sanguillen.

Manny has the distinction of being one of only three players in Major League history who were traded for a manager. (Randy Winn and Bill Denehy are the others.) The Hardball Times had a great article last week on this subject.

You’ll find six separate trees, due to six players that each had two stints with the club. Can you locate them all?

Although I don’t remember seeing him play, Manny was always a favorite of mine due to this picture, taken during spring training in either 1975 or ’76.

On other fronts, the Pirates acquired AA RHP Eliecer Cardenas to complete the Matt Diaz trade.