Thursday Trade Tree – John Smiley

Fearing losing him after the season for little compensation, the Pirates traded #2 starter John Smiley to the Twins for a pair of prospects during spring training 1992. The results were not disastrous, but perhaps could have been much better. (Click to embiggen)

Neagle had some good years as a Pirate and Schmidt became even better, just not with the Bucs.

Fun side notes: John Smiley wound up signing with the Reds. The Twins used the draft pick they received on Torii Hunter. I would have loved to have seen him in center for the Pirates instead of the litany of mediocrity that was trudged out after Andy Van Slyke left.

When Jason Schmidt signed with the Dodgers, San Francisco used the draft pick they acquired to pick Tim Alderson. Alderson was later acquired by the Pirates in the Freddy Sanchez trade.